Most Incredible Aircraft Of All Time: F-16 Fighting Falcon

The F-16 is a multi-role fighter built in the mid 70s.  It was an aircraft ahead of its time putting into effect many new advances in military airpower technology.  The first was a completely revolutionised cockpit.  The Pilot would sit in the seat which is adjustable and leaned back 30 degrees to support the pilot at high G’s.  The cockpit also provided much better vision for the pilot due to a modern bubble canopy. The last huge advance in the cockpit are the controls.  The stick is a side control stick and both the throttle and stick have button controls on them for pilot ease.

The F-16 also has what is called a Fly-By-Wire system.  The aircraft is built aerodynamically unstable, meaning if computers were not in control the F-16 would spiral into the ground every flight.  The system makes thousands of readings per minute to keep the aircraft flying level and straight.  When a pilot makes a movement with the stick the computer reads it and does the work for him.  This gives the aircraft an outragious amount of maneuverability.

The F-16 has been bought by many allied countries and has done its job well and will continue to do so.  The aircraft is reliable and very effective as shown by the USAF Thunderbirds.  It’s Truly and incredible aircraft.

General characteristics



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